Real Estate Investing vs 401k Income Now Compared at Investment Company Website Online

Houston, TX (PRWEB) February 25, 2015

Adults who are contemplating standard investments as well as housing investments in 2015 can now benefit from the comparison data now provided at the JWB website. A real estate investing vs 401k income post is now active for review at

The income ratios for each type of investment can be important to review for adults who are considering adding one or more streams of investment income this year. The JWB data now provided showcases both positives and negatives that can be found when diversifying funds into more than one type of market this year.

“Many adults weigh decisions about retirement accounts versus investment properties, and our new content is expected to answer some questions investors have,” said one JWB company source.

The comparison of rental income with retirement account dollars now active at the JWB website is part of a new phase of content publication for 2015. Apart from general business posts, the company is now publishing content that is now easily found through standard financial resources on the web.

“It is possible to buy a rental home using only retirement cash although some adults might be unaware of how to go through the process,” the source said.

The JWB company has added information about preventing foreclosures on rental homes to its website at this month. Property owners who are considering a short sale on home could find this new data beneficial.


The company opened one of the first national investing programs for investment property buyers in the year 2006. Several company changes over the past 9 years has improved the income ratios for the current client base. The company has structured programs that provide income generation opportunities for adults through rental homes in the U.S.

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