Real Estate Marketing Agencies Add Value To Service Proposition With ARME Real Estate Web Development Toolkit Version 3

Nationwide (PRWEB) September 30, 2013

Popular real estate web SEO and marketing company ARME is now offering a unique system for real estate marketing agencies, in particular real estate web development companies and marketing agencies. For agencies who specialize in real estate web development and marketing, the strong value added proposition of the web development toolkits is rumored to be to good to pass up.

With the recent release of their upgraded of “Version 3” of their popular web development toolkit for real estate professionals, marketing agencies who specialize in real estate web development and SEO can now offer a unique and proprietary web development system that is designed to build massive, targeted real estate websites with very little effort. The company has released a demonstration of the program on Youtube so agencies can see first hand what the fuss is about.

Simon Landers, spokesperson for the company states, “Our web development toolkit allows brokers to build massive targeted websites around key phrases that target cities, zip codes, neighborhoods, property types, and more. The system then distributes content that acts as a visitor magnet thus allowing the broker to bring in the most local visitors for the lowest cost per visitor.”

Mr. Landers continues, “The benefit to the agency is immense. Our proprietary tool is unavailable anywhere in the marketplace today, and the result of this is any agency who becomes a value added reseller or VAR can now offer a proven web development tool designed to double or even triple their clients traffic base. The system is proven and powerful and a must have for any real estate marketing or web development agency.”

Agencies who have implemented the company’s programs into their service portfolio have reportedly not only seen immediate revenue increases by as much as 40%, but also have increased their organic unique visitor count to their clients’ websites 100 fold. Strong Communications, a data analyst firm located in Dunedin FL, releases these kinds of reports quarterly showing various data points regarding top real estate marketing firms online.

For more information about how to add their services to any agencys program lineup contact the firm at (727) 459-8841.

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