Real Estate Marketing Techniques for 2012 Announced Online

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) September 06, 2012

Real estate marketing is one thing that realtors and real estate agents must do each day to reach buyers. Traditional offline methods of marketing included face-to-face meetings and sign marketing that required a lot of time and energy. One website is helping to train realtors and real estate agents how to reach more buyers using the Internet. The website has now released its real estate marketing techniques for 2012. This new series of techniques, tips and tricks was written by real estate and social media experts. Real estate professionals that want to learn more about these techniques can visit the following link

The decline in real estate sales in many states can be attributed to many economic events. High unemployment, lower wages and foreclosures are some of the reasons that realtors have provided when asked about lower than target goal estimates. It is the growth of technology that is starting to help real estate professionals get back a lot of the potential buyers that have been list since 2007. The use of smartphones and Internet connected devices is helping to connect real estate professionals with people that are ready to make a purchase or want faster information about a property. This type of mobile marketing is covered in detail on the new and improved website.

Traditional buyers lists can be obtained by realtors or real estate agents in many ways. A round robin auction is one way that some professionals use to locate buyers in local communities. Referrals from existing or previous homebuyers have been one of the tried and true formulas for boosting offline real estate sales. The growth of social media websites is now helping real estate professionals to reach buyers that live outside of a local community or regional area. Buyers that invest in real estate from out of state locations are now connecting with agents and realtors using social media. A complete overview of how to use social media effectively is provided at the website.

Search engine marketing is just as important for real estate as it is for retailers with e-commerce websites. Obtaining a high ranking position in search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo can often translate into more website visitors. The high price of paying a search engine optimization company to perform search engine marketing has left some realtors and agent to find cheaper ways to get promotion. A comprehensive and easy to read overview of SEO strategies for real estate is now provided by the How to Market Houses staff. The following link describes SEO for real estate in more detail


As a complete resource for real estate professionals, the website is constantly updated with new tips and strategies. Realtors and real estate agents in all 50 U.S. states make use of this information to help achieve online real estate sales success. The team is comprised of real estate, business and social media experts that are in demand speakers at top business and real estate seminars in the United States. Website visitors to the How to Market Houses website receive updated information about real estate Internet marketing that is usually reserved for seminars and conferences.

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