Real Estate SEO Specialist ARME Announces Latest Web Development Tools

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) May 28, 2013

Setting up a website with real estate search engine optimization is more than just pulling in what could be the key words people use. It means knowing what those keywords actually are, states real estate SEO specialists over at ARME .

You need to research the keywords. A solid strategy is not guesswork. It is a direct look at the real estate market and comparing that to what people are typing into search engines, he said. SEO specialists spend time poring over search engine reports to find that handful of critical terms.

A real estate SEO specialist will then take those words and plug them into a strategy. The plan has to drive visitors to the website and keep them there long enough to draw their interest and let the agent make a sales pitch.

The sales pitch is not done in person or even live. Its what the page presents and how it is presented. The reader needs to have the information hes looking for. A good sales pitch delivers that, Mr. Landers said. Our real estate SEO specialist develops highly targeted campaigns that delivers home sales for real estate sellers, plain and simple.

The content is then the next most important part of a real estate web page. A real estate SEO specialist knows how to embed the keywords and property listings into the pages text so that it appears natural and isnt overbearing.

Search engines are now counting off for keyword stuffing and poor writing. It used to be you could get anyone to write your SEO content, but now the writer needs to have a good command of the language, he said. The real estate SEO web development toolkit we have can help you set up the copy up and have it make sense. At the same time, this toolkit will build thousands of targeted pages while you sleep using proprietary technology.

For more information about ARME visit the website or call (727) 459-8841.

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