Real Scenes: New York

Real Scenes: New York

Not too long ago, it looked like New York’s glory days as a center for dance music had passed. As the birthplace of disco and hip-hop and the home of legenda…
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14 thoughts on “Real Scenes: New York

  1. This is the present, they caught people at a time of change so they talked about change and what was going on at the moment. Not everything needs to be catered to sensitive people that want to see only the uplifting side of the music scene. It is called real scenes not cheerful scenes.

  2. wow garbage. Things are hard everywhere. If i wanted 15 minutes of negative bullshit I would have turned on the news. How bout yall show some fucking parties. Show people that are doing stuff, making stuff happen.

  3. @Alex Niculescu – thats a pretty simplistic & childish way to look at gentrification. Its going to happen anyways. Detroit needs real people.

  4. Way too dramatic, we think. You have to hustler in NYC, sure, but there is a really positive energy flowing in Brooklyn right now from a lot of event producers and people that weren’t mentioned here. As beautiful as it was, this piece didn’t mention all the awesome stuff happening in NYC and BK. Read more on our site!

  5. I hate entrepreneurial crap, I hate corporations, I hate the rich. The underground scenes, the real creative wacky people are for me. That’s not me trying to be cool, that’s just embracing being human and not being a slave to money. These real scene videos are comforting to watch, it’s good to know there are many communities around the worldvwho share my viewpoint.

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