Real Transformer

Real Transformer

video of a real transforming robot

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19 Responses to Real Transformer

  1. grandmastercreeper says:

    Dear Santa…..

  2. Jayson984327 says:


  3. ynotdrol2 says:

    I’m surprised hasbro is not putting their money in making this.

  4. MATIOSAR45 says:

    great robot- made in china:)

  5. keronplug14 says:

    7years ago. I’m a time traveler lol

  6. jmw1500 says:

    I want to move to Japan now. Americans suck with technology. :'(

  7. reda1234ification says:


  8. antroloco24 says:

    Uh its on japan

  9. jonjumbo says:


  10. Vicks Ryokenichi says:


  11. carlos100cd says:

    Sideswipe rite here

  12. The4LA2Baker0 says:

    The Japanese want to build actual Gundams. They estimate the cost of one being around $750,000,000,000. Look up “Japanese Politicians Announce Plan to Build Gundams”.

  13. alfred havea says:

    man how much does that coast man ill buy it of u for 25000.00 dollars man im serious

  14. BigFoot4Sho says:

    Only in japan…

  15. QueMinecraft says:

    Made from Japan

  16. Bronypony92 says:

    0:38 falls off the table

  17. Farhan Rizvi says:


  18. XHollowOnex says:


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