Reality is Virtual, Consciousness is king, Anthony Peake and Tom Campbell 13Feb2013 1 of 2

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10 Responses to Reality is Virtual, Consciousness is king, Anthony Peake and Tom Campbell 13Feb2013 1 of 2

  1. MsCValentiner says:

    You’ll surely notice that a lot of self-professed skeptics have strong beliefs (i.e. conclusions). They rarely say “we don’t know” but instead decidely have a specific opinion. 

  2. MsCValentiner says:

    Well, you can totally appreciate being consciousness while also having curiosity about how it works and why it is that it works that way. :)

  3. OrPhEeUs says:

    Tom knows that Science (or “them”) knows that there could be other realities. This guy just loves to hear himself talk.

  4. Craig Smith says:

    What is thought without consciousness? Don’t ‘think’, ‘know’.

  5. Craig Smith says:

    27:00 – Hallelujah! S P O T O N.

  6. MythicUniverse says:

    When you get close to the void of meditation,you will understand that you have your integrity as a being without thoughts that inhabit your mind now.

  7. DesignYourReality says:

    Thank you! Is there anyway to find and listen to your podcast on Android, App/Radio?

  8. 2JOHNNYT says:

    Consciousness requires no thought, thought is a derivative of consciousness. Once you’re thinking you fall out of being - a great piano player is not “thinking”every finger move – his playing is all one movement, a “being.

  9. sam phi says:

    Nicho Allan Waipuka, 20 who killed Wellington journalist in a mugging for $80 will cost much more to jail this POS for many years. In our just and caring society we must ‘render’ this poor young man assistance. I’ll bet we can get more than $80 worth of dogroll if we ‘render’ him down for the purpose. After all, we teach others how to treat us. What is more ‘fair’ than judging others by their own standards.

  10. Genuine Skeptic says:

    What is consciousness without thought?

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