Rebuttal: Technology *is* crucial for effective influencer marketing

Rebuttal: Technology *is* crucial for effective influencer marketing
VentureBeat recently published a post titled, Technology is Never the Most Important Element in Influencer Marketing, which asserts that the technology used in influencer marketing is more of a helpful bonus than a critical asset. The author makes a …
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Oracle snags Maxymiser to goose its marketing push
This time the target is Maxymiser, a New York-based company that offers tools marketers can use to test which version of a marketing campaign gets the best results. Maxymiser competitors include Optimizely, but in the broader marketing automation …
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Antique Boat Museum eliminates marketing director's job
CLAYTON — The Antique Boat Museum is eliminating its marketing and communications director position, although its executive director maintains that the decision was made several weeks ago and is not related to a fundraiser over the past weekend that …

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