Rec 1 | MIT 18.085 Computational Science and Engineering I, Fall 2008

Recitation 1: Key ideas of linear algebra License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at More courses at

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22 Responses to Rec 1 | MIT 18.085 Computational Science and Engineering I, Fall 2008

  1. jsndacruz says:

    Around 32:00 – I never considered what a pit of despair ‘zero’ is. I love how he says “you can never come back!”

  2. scorpioinoct says:

    I am your fan Gilbert Strang

  3. lovelplants says:

    he’s one of the great teachers.

  4. gmandog6 says:

    I love you.

  5. iLOVENATURE2011 says:

    exceedingly educational…by just listening, you’ll learn a lot…thanks uploader.

  6. agapitoflores001 says:

    MIT really value education. They share education to all through these videos they upload.

  7. SuperFloyd187 says:

    that man seems robotic.

  8. Donsknotts says:

    Really? I thought surely MIT would be over the chalk and black board with something more cutting edge, lol. Only thing cutting edge though is the size of the chalk.

  9. BuddyNovinski says:

    I could have used recitations like this one when I took linear algebra at Penn State (but I won’t mention HOW long ago)! I couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

  10. MardukHail says:

    Gilbert Strang rocks! Thanks to MIT for letting us, the unwashed masses, watch your courses!

  11. DuckQuickly says:

    Thank you for posting the recitations! So differentiation and integration are like A and A inverse, but the entries are like infinite and continuous?

  12. mkeeeee says:

    Gilbert Strang is such an awesome and good person. He just makes me so happy. He loves teaching and is very good at it. MIT is very fortunate to have such an excellent professor.

  13. leocmen says:

    This is a real teatcher, I can see it in the way he teaches.

  14. MovieMad007 says:

    ergg beyond me!

  15. Squatchmichael says:

    Work hard, find a fun research project, and you can for graduate school if it’s not too late! There are lots of other good undergrad. schools, too. And cheaper :)

  16. paperorpaper says:

    I want to go to MIT! :)

  17. Nox6000 says:

    Este video é muito bom!!!

  18. whenhen says:

    If you want to get a basic lecture on linear algebra, mit ocw has that course on their youtube channel

  19. rammps1982 says:

    Oh man …. A great teaching skill … Thanks a lot.

  20. zeffii says:

    i could listen to Gilbert talk all day long :) Thanks MIT!

  21. tswetozar says:

    hey this is very good stuff. I am an MD and was never really into the algebra, but NOW I am getting it..;-) CONGRADS!!!

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