Recent July 18 Panda Update Resulted in Higher Traffic for Many Jumpfactor Clients who Utilize Effective SEO Content Optimization

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

Jumpfactor reports that many of its clients have successfully managed to ride the wave of change that Googles Panda updates represent and emerge on the top, not only having maintained their pre-update traffic volume, but also experiencing a substantial increase in their website traffic post-update. The recent July 18 Panda update was no exception. The clients’ success is due to the SEO content optimization carried out by Jumpfactor since the start of their campaigns.

The notorious algorithm changes have transformed the landscape of online marketing, redefining SEO and making numerous online businesses lose momentum with each new version that rolls out, but its latest update seems to have positively affected Jumpfactor clients in terms of traffic from Google itself.

Google Panda updates aim at restricting traffic to websites that Google regards as low-quality while rewarding websites that are perceived as offering high value to visitors with higher search engine page rankings (SERPs). Pandas algorithm uses artificial intelligence patterns to judge a website on a number of quality benchmarks and an otherwise perfect website that lacks in just one aspect may be hit very hard by the updates.

Jumpfactors clients were largely safe from the updates and were even rewarded by the algorithms shift because their corporate websites were already ahead of the curve and offering high value that falls perfectly within Googles specifications. Google Panda heavily penalizes poor user experience, duplicate content, keyword stuffing, unoriginality, and forced SEO content, while rewarding user friendly sites that have engaging content created with a user-focused approach, and a natural structure that is easy to read and appealing to persons and search engine robots alike.

By maintaining high standards of quality and offering true value to visitors while guided by an expert marketing services company like Jumpfactor, businesses have nothing to fear from algorithm changes that shake the foundations of less valuable websites; Jumpfactors clients are a living example of that.

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