Recovery Happens: Mediaplanet Launches “Addiction Recovery” Campaign Inspiring Americans to Take Action

(PRWEB) October 18, 2013

Mediaplanet Publishing recently announced the launch of Addition Recovery, a cross-platform campaign that was distributed as a 6-page broadsheet section within the Los Angeles Times on Saturday, September 28th, and digitally across a network of online platforms, reaching over 2 million readers.

The multi-platform campaign serves as a guide for addiction awareness, providing families and addicts alike with the inspiration and resources they need to kick the habit. To view the full publication, click HERE.

The awareness campaign aims to address and reverse the stigma associated with addiction. It succeeds in uniting the organizations and companies working at the forefront of addiction recovery, including: Candy Finnigan of A&Es Intervention, The National Association for Addiction Treatment Providers, A New PATH, The American Civil Liberties Union, and The California Association of Alcoholism Drug Abuse Counselors.

This will be one of the most important decisions youve ever made, states Michael Walsh, President and CEO of NAATP in the campaigns foreword, in reference to seeking addiction treatment. The good news is that recovery from addiction happens every day in America, he goes on to say.

You have to get professional help, says Candy Finnigan of A&Es Intervention, who encourages parents and families to be anti-drug advocates. She suggests monitoring kids social media accounts, looking around the house for alcohol, pills or other drugs and monitoring spending and credit card statements.

By raising awareness and highlighting solutions and resources, we can undoubtedly inspire more action to be taken, stigmas to be broken, and together celebrate the fact that recovery happens. Through the publication, readers will learn about a variety of topics including:

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