Red Blue Delver Secrets Deck Tech

Delver Secrets Deck Tech!!! Awesome fun deck leave a comment and dont forget to subscribe! doing give away somewhat soon and new content every Tuesday!! CHEC…

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12 Responses to Red Blue Delver Secrets Deck Tech

  1. tristanblaze1 says:

    I got 5 beta Islands I use in my U/D Delver deck in Legacy.

  2. Joshua Carey says:

    NO, a *real* player just plays.

  3. jishrm says:

    i actually used to have a dragon deck. i no longer have it though. it wasnt the most effective deck but it was deffently a fun on to play

  4. Chuck Norris says:

    you should make a deck tech for dragons 😀

  5. john wilker says:

    i got over 200 card that are old and all trad them for cards that only will help my 2 edh decks

  6. jishrm says:

    yeah, older video and that wasn’t out then. but yes that would be a good change out now.

  7. StrifeAirsoft says:

    hey great vid! i would suggest running pillar of flame instead of the shock, pof can deal with the zombie match up very well as it exiles aswell but it all depends on ur metagame

  8. MiniMegaMuffin says:

    You talk too much……

  9. michael huber says:

    hey pst lightning bolt, magma jet

  10. Amir Ibrahim says:

    you’re a faggot, why don’t you go sniff your rare shocks, weirdo

  11. Thinh Lam says:

    u have bad camera quality 

  12. redrel21 says:

    Sweet deck man !!! Going to suck when like half of the cards that make up these great decks are no longer in rotation come Oct !! :(

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