Red Fang

Red Fang
Event on 2012-11-11 20:00:00

Supporting Acts: Black Tusk, Indian Handcrafts

Red Fang

"Quick Metal quiz! The world needs more: (A) hard rock bands, (B) nuclear winters, (C) colostomy bags, (D) Jeb Bush presidencies, (E) none of the above. Okay, so try explaining that to the drunk super cavemen of Red Fang. This tight-knit group of friends has collectively blown speakers in Partytime, Last of the Juanitas, Face Down in Shit, Lachrymator, Bad Wizard, etc. Red Fang follows that lineage with a good old-fashioned Northwest heavy rock attack (think classic grunge), infused with a bit of San Diego style (think Hot Snakes) and a vocalist that sounds not unlike Tad Doyle aping Ian MacKaye." –Nathan Carson, Portland Mercury "Red Fang write music in a different manner, with all the headbanging qualities of Black Sabbath and punk attitude of mid era Black Flag." –Portland Mercury "When I was a wee young thing, I conceived a simplistic but passionate theory that music was like food. "You need to have a balanced musical diet!" I told my mother, insisting that the Beatles were grilled cheese and Bach was akin to green leafy vegetables. That belief continues, albeit slightly more jaded and refined: Mariah Carey is Nutrasweet-flavored cotton candy; Big Black is four-star Thai food. With this in mind, I hereby declare Red Fang to be one of the best fucking cheeseburgers you've ever had. Former members of Party Time, Bad Wizard, and the Last of the Juanitas have unleashed some of the most potent hard rock I've heard since Big Business. Prepare to have your face melted off." –Hannah Levin, Seattle Stranger "Jesus Christmas! Holy Jesus goddamn! Holy Jesus jumping Christmas shit!" –Axel

at The Bowery Ballroom
6 Delancey Street
New York, United States

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