Redfin on a minnow

Caught some redfin on a minnow using a float
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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5 Responses to Redfin on a minnow

  1. henshooten says:

    why not use some curltail grubs with a 2#2 jighead ,reckon the reddies would smash it there and no need to worry abot keeping and using the livebait minnows ??????

  2. TheWaggaBloke says:

    The Cam bloke needs training? didn’t even get the down of the float.. but nice spot anyways

  3. Declan Busher says:

    they fight if you get a big one

  4. HookedupFishing says:

    Great video boys, Nice minnow sizes – Feel free to check out and subscribe to us cheers! – Hookedupfishing!

  5. skittlepower95 says:

    they dont fight though so its kinda boring good 2 eat tho

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