redfin,yabbies and buhda

redfin,yabbies and buhda

Here are my redfin and yabbies,and my dog buhda loves them too.The dominant redfin has lost most of its stripes.Plus it has a double dorsal fin.
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12 Responses to redfin,yabbies and buhda

  1. JudochoppinBITCHEZ says:

    illegal :/

  2. rumturd says:

    mostly live food,insects,spiders,worms.Heated tank 26deg C PH a touch on alk side.

  3. lbeesone says:

    how do you keep it so clean?

  4. lbeesone says:

    thats a mad tank man, how is it so clean!

  5. taipan342 says:

    awsome tank set up there…thought the redfin would be terrorising the yabbie though

  6. 13braydo says:

    wat do you need to look after them

  7. rumturd says:

    Had them for 6 months.

  8. rumturd says:

    The yabbies were pretty cranky buggers.Redfin didnt try while i was watching.

  9. ManicMindTrick says:

    The perch loves to eat crayfish. Didnt they try to eat the little bugger?

  10. rumturd says:

    I had them for nearly a year,but they are gone now.I have got 2 bass,2 purple spotted gudgeons and 2 empire gudgeons.

  11. ayerbrush19 says:

    how long have you had them for?

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