Release Your Inner Entrepreneurial Warrior Training

Release Your Inner Entrepreneurial Warrior Training
Event on 2015-04-13 19:00:00
If I can show you a way to pay all your primary expenses without risking anything you’re doing full-time would that be worth attending an event like this? It’s been called the 8th wonder of the world, residual income which we are re-writing the rules of. Stop trading time for dollars. Don’t wait, because with daily pay, the explosive 80% – 100% commission, and insane perks and benefits you don’t want to miss this one. That could mean a life-changing, zip code-changing income for you and your family. You can do this. It is our honor to invite you personally to come be part of this amazing event. ALL WHO ATTEND WILL RECEIVE A 0 FREE GIFT.
Meet the men responsible for transforming thousands of ordinary people into successful entrepreneurs. THE ENTREPRENEURSHIP LIFESTYLE IS WAITING FOR YOU! •Would you like to own your own business?•Want to work from home?•Want to build a residual income?•Want to be more independent?•Want to become a leader? NOW YOU CAN! BUT IT ALL STARTS WITH THE RIGHT MINDSET. Welcome to the Entrepreneurship Lifestyle training. This free event will show you how to transform your life for the better by way of learning how to bring out your inner warrior. THE ONLY WAY TO TRULY BECOME SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE IS TO RELEASE YOUR INNER WARRIOR. Guest speaker, business development mentor Shogun's goal is to help people generate the energy and the mind-set necessary to become Warriors in Entrepreneurship. He is an Online Marketing mentor, Motivational Speaker and the mastermind behind the Mushindo Mind-set. He created the Mushindo Mind-Set to help bring out the inner Warrior in all hard-core Entrepreneurs. Through his study of both business and martial arts, he has honed his understanding of what it takes to get what you really want out of life. Education is only one part of the equation, however. He has now turned his knowledge into power by implementing powerful strategies from world-renowned authors such as Miyamoto Musashi, Bruce Lee, Robert Kiosiki, Napoleon Hill and many others into my own life and career. Now, his goal is to give life-changing knowledge and super-human skills at the Entrepreneurship Lifestyle training. By implementing The Law of Attraction principles, Martial Arts Philosophy, and all-powerful Alchemic thinking I can teach anyone with a desire for a better life how to attain it by culling their inner Warrior. Come meet our team of qualified pros and be a part of this amazing life-changing seminar to truly become a Successful Entrepreneurial Warrior.

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