Remarkable Growth Experience

Remarkable Growth Experience
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 Not a conference, not an event, but an EXPERIENCE.Finally, an intensive training event that combines world-class training in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Experience.

There are hundreds of business conferences. Some focus just on sales. Some just on marketing. Others may dip their toes into creating powerful customer experiences.

But rarely, if ever, do you see a conference that not only covers all of these subjects by world-class speakers, but it also does it in such an intimate and interactive way that it feels more like a 1-on-1 workshop than an actual conference, leading to powerful attendee results due to their ability to hear, understand, and apply powerful and proven principles of success that get results.

This is exactly why the Remarkable Growth Experience was founded, and is also why the first RGE held in January of 2014 was such a massive success with attendees. If you’re interested in understanding more about this unique event, watch this powerful video and read on…

The Remarkable Growth ExperienceNov. 6-7 2014 ~ Arlington, VA

 #RemarkableGrowthDCThe Secrets to Getting Great Clients to Find You, Trust You, Pay You, Stay with You, and Tell Their Friends about You At this immersive, two-day event…You’ll Experience:

• The Only Sales, Marketing, and Customer Experience Conference you’ll find: Finally, an event where you can bring your entire team and impact your organization across all major levels

• No theory – all of the conversations are based on real-world examples with actual clients – this is about practice and application, not theory and academic possibilities

• No fluff – every minute of the two day presentation will be actionable, tactical information and application : TAKE AWAYS!!!

• No BS – we call it as we see it – you may not hear what you want to hear, but you’ll definitely hear what you need to hear to grow your business

• Impressive Audience Members – our application process (We will limit the event to 100 attendees) will ensure that your fellow attendees are driven, growth-oriented leaders who “get it” – You’ll meet like-minded individuals that promise to be prospective clients and referral sources in the future.

• Unprecedented Speaker Access – normally at an event there are the speakers and the attendees and there is a clear barrier between the two. When not “on stage” Marcus, Ian, and Joey will be sitting in the audience with you – answering questions and thinking of even more ways the content being presented could be applied to your business

• Proven Track Record of Success – Marcus, Ian, and Joey have worked to help grow companies by millions of dollars – applying their combined track record of success will catapult your business to the next level and beyond

• More Fun Than Ever Before – a fun, engaging event full of surprises, rich content, and bonuses that leave you saying, “This was the most valuable, most enjoyable, most exciting event I’ve ever attended!”


 Who Should Attend the Remarkable Growth Experience?

***Not every event and conference is a “good fit” for every potential attendee, and RGE is no different. Here is a list of who should and who should not attend the event:Who Should Attend:

  • Company CEOs, Management, and Chief Officers
  • Chief Marketing Officers and those in the marketing department
  • Sales Professionals
  • Start Ups Looking for an Edge
  • Anyone struggling to align sales and marketing

Who Should NOT Attend:

  • Solopreneurs just looking to “make money online”
  • Businesses that just sell information products online
  • Those that aren’t interested in refining their web marketing and company sales efforts

 Those that attend will leave with:

 A Clear Plan – for getting your entire team to develop captivating content, think like salespeople, and create remarkable customer experiences

• Proof Points – for your senior management team that making the shifts we recommend is necessary to produce the results you want to attain

• Specific Changes – for your five most frequent/common customer interactions/touchpoints so that they are easier, more enjoyable, and more memorable for your customers

• Structured Process – for sifting through prospective clients to find the ones that will be the best fit long term

• Specific Ideas – for how to make your business more remarkable

• Actionable Checklists – for keeping on track after you leave the event including, 10 Ways to Make It Remarkable8 Things to Remember When Pitching Your Services, the Big 5 of Content Marketing, a chart of your company’s “First 100 Days,” and many more.

• Effective Techniques – for engaging your entire team in the prospecting, selling, and retaining your customers

Our Guarantee: Immediate Results

**If you don’t feel, by the end of the first day of RGE, that the experience is worth every dime you paid to attend, we’ll refund your money–100% of it.**Still not sure if you should be a part of RGE? Well, if any of these describe your situation, then it’s very likely RGE may be a perfect fit for you:

• Your ideas seem to fall on deaf ears

• You have satisfied clients, but they’re not referring you to their friends or colleagues

• Your team is working hard, but not all rowing in the same sales/marketing/experience direction

• You are sick of every deal coming down to a discussion of price and rates

• Your marketing message appears to be designed by the same people who developed the stealth aircraft – undetectable

• Your inferior competitor gets more website traffic than you can imagine

• You waste a ton of time chasing the wrong accounts

• If you asked five clients about your expertise, you’d get six different answersThe RGE Instructors:Joey Coleman

When organizations likeHyatt Hotels, NASA, Network for Good, the World Bank, and Zappos need to boost their customers’ experience, they call on Joey Coleman for assistance.For over a decade, Joey has helped organizations retain their best customers and turn them into raving fans via his entertaining and actionable keynotes, workshops, and consulting projects.As a recognized expert in customer experience design and an award-winning speaker at national and international conferences, Joey specializes in creating unique, attention-grabbing customer experiences.

He works with companies ranging from small VC-funded start-ups, to large Fortune 500s, with hundreds of mid-size businesses in between.Joey developed his narrative skills as a criminal defense trial attorney, advised and counseled Fortune 500 companies as a business consultant, and honed his communications and messaging skills at the White House. His design and artwork has been displayed in museums, featured in juried shows, and graced publications in the U.S. and abroad.When not traveling the world (44 countries and counting) for client onsites, keynote presentations, and quality beach time, Joey enjoys watching magnificent sunsets from his mountain-top home in Colorado with his wife and one-year-old son.Ian Altman

Ian Altman helps organizations discover how to become outrageously successful targeting and winning business with integrity. He demonstrates how to flip the buyer-seller dynamic on its head, regain control of the sales process, and earn the role of trusted advisor to dramatically grow revenue.

CEOs and executives around the world call on Ian as a strategic advisor and subject matter expert on sales and business development. He is an internationally recognized author and speaker.

Ian is an Amazon Bestselling author of two books: Upside Down Selling (May 2012) and his latest book, Same Side Selling (May 2014, Idea Press) that he co-authored with Jack Quarles. You can also read Ian’s weekly articles online at,, and

Prior to starting Grow My Revenue, LLC and becoming an author, Ian founded a couple of companies: a technology consulting company and a commercial software company. His leadership over two decades helped grow these companies into businesses valued at more than billion. Ian lives in Maryland with his two wonderful children, a dog, and his wonderful wife whom most would agree that he doesn’t deserve.Marcus Sheridan

In 2001 and fresh out of college, Marcus Sheridan stumbled across his first business with two friends and began installing swimming pools out of the back of a beat-up pickup truck. 9 years later, and with the help of incredible innovations through inbound and content marketing, Sheridan’s company overcame the collapse of the housing market and became one of the largest pool installers in the US and currently has the most visited swimming pool web site in the world—River Pools .

With such success, in late 2009, Sheridan started his sales, marketing, and personal development blog—The Sales Lion, and has since grown The Sales Lion brand to be synonymous with inbound and content marketing excellence while being featured in multiple industry publications, including the New York Times where he was referred to as a “web marketing guru.”

Today, when Sheridan is not giving riveting and passion-filled keynotes around the globe or consulting with businesses and brands, he generally finds himself on an adventure with his wife and 4 children.

 RGE – Pricing

The Remarkable Growth Experience is not meant to be a typical conference with hundreds of attendees. Rather, our goal is to provide maximum intimacy, learning, and application for attendees so as to have a big impact on a company’s bottom line– which is exactly why we are limiting this event to a total of 120 attendees. As with any event, those that sign up early get premium discounts, which allows for proper logistical planning. Also, because we know most companies will want to bring more than one employee so as to get the most out of the experience, we’ve established a “team” rate as well.

  Real People Giving Real Testimonials from RGE #1:

Outstanding, cutting-edge information. So good, I don’t want others to know about it (particularly my competition), although I can’t stop talking about it! Have you scheduled the next one yet?!– Doug Ruhlin, Resource Management Associates

Captivating, engaging and highly energetic 2 days that left me feeling inspired and ready for the new year! Ian, Marcus and Joey did an outstanding job in providing new ideas, new perspectives and new areas of focus.
– Natalie Oddenino, Helios HR

There’s a reason the logo looks like a bull’s eye. This remarkable growth experience brings your target of growth into focus and hits you dead center. You think you’re there to grow a business and you leave also having grown as a person and leader. Marcus, Ian and Joey are a triple threat when it comes to helping your business succeed with content marketing, integrity selling and user experience. They did more than deliver world class presentations, they spent time “getting in the trenches” with each of us and helping every attendee apply the concepts to our unique business models. It is so refreshing to come home from a conference with immediately actionable changes that you know are going to affect the bottom line. I now feel equipped and focused on how to help my employees and customers succeed in 2014. – Krista Kotrla, Block Imaging

Each guy by themselves is worth the price of admission. Put them together and you get an overwhelming value and wonderful experience. Marcus, Ian, and Joey each have their own area of expertise and unique way of delivering their message. They compliment each other perfectly and never compete for the spotlight. For these guys to be able to keep me in my seat for 2 days is a miracle. My attention span can often be measured in seconds, and I didn’t look at my watch once… There was no better way to spend my time, or get more actionable information to take back to my business. 10 out of 10, no doubt. – Jason Weisenthal, WallMonkeys.comRGE Venue Details:


The Waterview Conference Centerlocated in beautiful Arlington Virginia, features more than 15,000 square feet of state-of-the-art function space, vast amounts of natural light, and unrivaled views of the nation’s capital and waterfront, including downtown Washington, DC, and Rosslyn’s city center. With the event hotel within walking distance, you’ll be thrilled with the accommodations of this tremendous locationRGE Hotel Accommodations:

We arranged a preferred hotel rate of 9/night at the Le Meridien. This hotel is located within easy walking distance to our event venue. 

Le Merdien Arlington
1121 19th Street N, Arlington VA 22209

RGE Preferred Rate: 9/night

To register for rooms at Le Meridien go to:

at Waterview Conference Center
1919 North Lynn Street
Arlington, United States

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