Remarkably Unique New No-Cost App DreamTwits from DreamTwits Inc. is the Worlds First Social Networking App for Dreamers

Cupertino,CA (PRWEB) March 13, 2015

People who figured that app developers had finally run out of groundbreaking ideas because theres an app for basically everything imaginable — can now transform their boredom into fascination by downloading a new app that is remarkably unique, certainly interesting, and potentially life-changing: DreamTwits.

Available at no-cost from the App Store and Google Play, DreamTwits from DreamTwits Inc. is the worlds first social networking app for dreamers. Heres how it works:

Users log into the app and 100% anonymously share their night or day dreams with the DreamTwits community. The dreams can be inspiring, weird, nightmarish, ordinary or anything else — there are no limits. Everything is neatly stored and organized on a secure platform.

Furthermore — and this is where the app really becomes remarkable users can add both photos and hashtags their dreams, which allows them to connect with others who are having the same or similar dreams. In this way, DreamTwits functions as a 24/7 global community of dreamers who can connect instantly and anonymously.

In a socially active and rapidly developing world, people are left with less and less time to dream, the majority of their thoughts are materialistic, and that leaves dreamers in the minority, commented Giorgi Pipia of DreamTwits Inc. That’s why they say dreamers are lonely people. DreamTwits helps them to find their kindred spirits and assures them that they’re not alone.

Other DreamTwits features include:

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