Remeasuring Yahoo's Alibaba Goldmine

Remeasuring Yahoo's Alibaba Goldmine
While Yahoo, under the leadership of its yet-new CEO Marissa Mayer has shown fresh dynamism, and has rebuilt its reputation in the technology market as its mobile push has matured, the company's core financial performance metrics have dragged.
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Gmail went down for 15 minutes and Yahoo made sure to let everyone know
Gmail_logo Gmail went down for a brief moment today, and Yahoo decided to take advantage of problems that its biggest email competitor was having. The outage, which was a temporary 500 code problem and appears to be over for most folks, affected …
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Analysis: Emerging markets rout a reality check for Davos elite
DAVOS, Switzerland (Reuters) – Just as they were getting their swagger back, the global elite stumbled last week on an emerging market sell-off that served as a reminder of the risks the global economy still faces. Veterans of the annual World Economic …
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