Remembering Carmine Infantino

Remembering Carmine Infantino
A few years later, in a Secret Origins Special, Infantino penciled the elegaic “Mystery of the Human Thunderbolt” (written by Robert Loren Fleming as a direct homage to the original Showcase story, and inked by longtime Infantino collaborator Murphy …
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Students showcase competition robot built at EHOVE
This year's game resembles ultimate Frisbee, where robots score points by shooting flying discs into elevated targets. The team, which includes students from a three-county area, unveiled its latest creation Tuesday. The robot cost about $ 2,700 to …
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Research About What? Death, Music and Robots
“This is a fantastic time for students to share and showcase all of the work that they have put into it, all of the genius and scholarship,” he said. “This is the equivalent of a concert to a musician or a book signing to an author. This the …
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