REMIs Tech Breakthrough of the Week Comes from San Francisco Realtor

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 31, 2013

The Real Estate Marketing Insider announced its Tech Breakthrough of the Week following a report that Oliver Burgelmans has now added rental properties to the online price tracker. is an innovative tool that helps users examine the real estate market and the latest pricing trends in San Francisco. Using data from Google Maps, the website shows maps of the city with major neighborhoods easily distinguished. Users can explore the map in detail and receive information compiled from several sources about recent trends for pricing in that neighborhood. Members of the website also receive information about new and updated listings in areas of their choosing. Until recently, the website only provided information about listings for sale in the San Francisco area. But thanks to new updates, now also covers properties for rent.

Now that the service has expanded to include rental properties, there is huge potential for it to grow nationally. From San Diego vacation rentals to New York penthouses, the ability to visually map pricing information will help any property attract an interested buyer. The ease with which prospective buyers and renters can examine properties using a website like should bring in more new clients to an already-strong real estate buyers market. This service could completely change the expectations for marketing for realtors, and now that theyve expanded to include both sale and rental markets, REMI is excited to name the Tech Breakthrough of the Week.

The Real Estate Marketing Insider named the latest edition of as its Tech Breakthrough of the Week. The online price-trend examiner has expanded its database to include rental properties in San Francisco, and website users can now see a visual representation of San Franciscos price trends for both rental and sales properties.

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