REMIs Top Three Tips for Realtors Developing a Google+ Profile

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 06, 2013

The Real Estate Marketing Insider published its weekly Top 3 feature examining the Google+ social network and its potential for realtors. A recent editorial published in the InmanNext claimed that Google+ is actually a better choice for realtors than Facebook. On the back of this news report, the Insider announced its top three tips for realtors to create their Google+ profile.

Laura Monroe of released an editorial this week examining opportunities for realtors on various social networks. The author looked in particular at Google+, the newest prominent member of the social network scene. Google+ has often been overlooked in favor of the more widespread Facebook. However, Monroe argues, when it comes to social media marketing for real estate, Google+ is actually superior to Facebook. Her reasons have mostly to do with the features that Google+ offers to business accounts, such as the ability to participate in like-minded Communities; list contact information on Google+ Local; and most importantly, to retain the rights and ownership of their content, which is hugely important for realtors who blog or write their own copy.

The Insider agrees with Monroe in that theres no reason not to use Google+. Realtors can keep multiple social network profiles and likely interact with different client bases on each one. Getting off the ground with a brand new social network can be tricky, so REMI has compiled these Top 3 tips to help realtors get started:


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