Renovating? Relocating? Tell MONEY magazine

Renovating? Relocating? Tell MONEY magazine
Did you recently make a choice between selling your house or remodeling it so you could live in your ideal home? Are you currently deciding between these two options? If so, MONEY magazine wants to hear from you. For a story that will run in an …
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Jennifer Hudson In Weight Watchers Magazine: 'Ok, Who Am I?'
Jennifer Hudson famously shed more than 80 pounds through a deal with Weight Watchers last fall, but the 31-year-old singer is still adjusting to her new size. Hudson covers the new issue of Weight Watchers magazine, where she tells the publication …
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New 3-D Printed Rifle Magazine Lets You Fire Hundreds of Rounds
In response to the upsurge in gun violence, politicians are proposing restrictions on the number of bullets that handgun and rifle magazines can hold. And just as they do, new printing technology blows holes right through that debate. The 3-D printing …
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