Report: Chatwing Launches User-friendly Chat Widget for Sword Art Online Fans

Portland, OR (PRWEB) November 05, 2012

Sword Art Online, one of the most famous Anime shows today, is now continuously gathering fans across the world. This fact is based on the current research done by Chatwing Development Team. Some of Chatwings developers have also admitted that they were hooked up to the show because of its emotional content and pseudo-fantastic world. Recently, the Chatwing team has visited Sword Art Online (SAO) communities and introduced a new and embeddable chat widget. The Chatwing chat app empowers online chat in any website or blog. It also helps a web user make new friends.

In a usual Anime episode, web viewers tend to have different opinions about certain events and scenarios. SAO fans are discussing lots of things. One of the most famous discussions we saw is the absolute girl-magnet aura of Kiritothe protagonist. Others are pissed at how King Eberon is controlling the characters in a maniacal state. These discussions are common in Chatwing chat boxes and we tend to give the best experience to everyone, Says Mike Diamond, one of Chatwings developers. A SAO-inspired website can benefit from Chatwings free chat box in terms of continuous online presence.

Chatwings mechanics can be understood simply. In a nutshell, Chatwing app is a small chatroom that can generate thousands of discussions everydayit all depends on the activity of the website. The Chatwing chatbox can bring spikes of visibility to any blog because it can accommodate hundreds and thousands of users. If the website owner is keen enough to entertain the visitors, the website activity rate will be high. Additionally, Chatwings free shout box allows social media integrationthis simply means that visitors can log in with their social media accounts. They can even exchange information with each other.

As Sword Art Online continues to unfold, the Chatwing Team will observe more users from the Anime community. As part of Chatwings plan, the team will create more developments to the free chatbox. In this way, more users can benefit from an efficient and uninterrupted chat experience every day.

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