Report: Professional Chat Box for Business Websites Launched by Chatwing

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 22, 2012

Chatwing Development Team has recently expanded to the online business arena by introducing an effective chat widget for business websites. Chatwings developers believe that a business website needs a continuous stream of activity in order to ensure that it can withstand competition. Chatwing chat app provides a simple but versatile chatroom that can be visited by everyone, and it also allows social media leverage.

Chatwings free chat box can help a business website prosper by attracting people through simple and versatile chat. The Chatwing team has recently observed that people tend to talk about different things in the Internet, making new friends in the process. In the Chatwing chatroom, users can log in with their social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. This allows them to expand their social networks by a high percentage. Business website owners can also use this to widen their target markets.

Chatwings free chat widget can also be installed without hassle. The user must first register his websites domain name, along with his email address. After that, he can now proceed to the Chatwing dashboard where he can opt to modify the overall appearance of the widget. In the latest version, the user can add a background image, MP3 link, word filter parameters, and Chatwing moderators.

The Chatwing Development Team is always planning different upgrades that can make the free shout box more reliable and efficient as ever. The Chatwing chat tool will also be introduced to different online sectors where communication is highly required.

About specializes in the new field of website chat. Over years, the Chatwing team has introduced live chat widget for hundreds and thousands of blogs. The Chatwing application bridges people from many parts of the world, creating global synergy through the Internet. The shout box can be installed in just seconds, and it can be used for varying purposes such as leisure and Internet marketing. It also allows a user to customize the size, color, and name of the widget. Chatwing is 100% free for everyone.

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