Report shows government waste in Lifeline program

Report shows government waste in Lifeline program
The Lifeline program, has been around since 1984, and provides cell phones with a limited amount of free minutes. The idea behind the program is to help low-income Americans maintain communication with employers and have a phone for emergencies.
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Move Over, BabelFish: Computer Program Reconstructs Lost Tongues
In this case, the computer program scanned a database of over 140,000 words, from which it managed to construct a protolanguage the researchers believe may have been spoken around 7,000 years ago. How accurate are we talking? According to the …
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Local Parents as Teachers program faces tough decisions as national center
“As a state, we have built what I consider the first universal early childhood program — one of the very first that's ever been done statewide and that's Parents As Teachers,” Riley said. “It's supporting all families — regardless of ability …
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