reptillian recorded on yahoo messenger cam

various pictures from a recorded cam on yahoo messenger. Various anomalys u can see. I did in no which way edit these for conspiracy theory. Its name is saba…

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4 Responses to reptillian recorded on yahoo messenger cam

  1. mikelh says:

    You don’t really believe that “regular people on earth are really alien shape shifting reptilians who are living in human form” stuff, do you?

  2. Mark Trill says:

    ^^ yahoo messenger password hack here: ^^&^^

  3. PortaJoseph says:

    Faggot, do you know what happend to this girl if her’s parents find this video?..she will be killed…why do you have make public this video?…you fucking rat, you deserve to die, fucked in ass by hundreds of talibans:)))))

  4. Matthew Serrano says:

    is video makes no sense it’s obviously video distortion there’s no such thing as of reptilian people are you people have to grow up

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