Reputation Changer Launches Video Reputation Management Endeavor, Rep Changer Studios

New York, New York (PRWEB) April 26, 2013

As the worlds top rated online reputation management company, Reputation Changer is in the business of using innovative content strategies to building brandsand now, the company has taken its brand-building services to the next level, announcing the launch of a cutting-edge video marketing division called Rep Changer Studios. Rep Changer Studios includes strategic content relationships with online news and entertainment sites to deliver new methods for clients to connect with their customers and audiences. What began as a pilot program will soon expand to offer dynamic content marketing and online branding services to organizations across the world.

Reputation Changers mission is to help clients build strong, authoritative online brandsand that means connecting them with customers, clients, and leads with increased efficacy and higher standards of engagement, remarks Michael Zammuto, the companys president. Thats why we developed Rep Changer Studios. This provides us with the resources we need to help our clients create engaging online video contentcontent that will help them to build their authority and to really reach out to online users.

While Reputation Changer has long worked with its clients to create compelling, brand-enhancing content, Zammuto says Rep Changer Studios represents a huge leap forward. This complements our practice areas in online news, social media, PR, and other forms of written content, but, more and more, video is emerging as a great tool for generating true user engagement, he explains. For proof, look no further than to Google, which bought YouTube because it understands the power of online videos to engage viewers. Now, Reputation Changer is making use of those same channels, all on behalf of its clients.

Zammuto says that Rep Changer Studios brings together resources and powerful media connections that come from the companys long-standing ties with the news and entertainment industries. We are already partnered with more than a dozen leading news and entertainment sites to deliver 100 percent original, highly engaging content on behalf of our clients, he says. This is truly viral content, produced in house, that is integrated into our journalistic and content strategies and which helps our clients build their brands and to get their names out in front of online users.

Rep Changer Studios specializes in the creation of what Zammuto calls useful and relevant contentthat is, videos that are newsworthy, topical, educational, or at the very least entertaining. The way to build brand-equity is through genuine user engagement, he says. As such, there are no cut corners here, and there is no content that does not stand on its own as interesting and enjoyable. Through Rep Changer Studios, we are facilitating great online engagement.

The Rep Changer Studios endeavor began as a pilot project, implemented on behalf of just 100 select Reputation Changer clientsamong them businesses, educational institutions and brands, but also nonprofits, government agencies, and even prominent individuals. The results were so exceptional, Zammuto states, that the resources of Rep Changer Studios will soon be made available to all of Reputation Changers clients.

In fact, the company intends to use some of these resources for its own corporate branding. Our client base covers many different industries and locations so we were able to experiment fast and build a very effective strategy. Online video has quickly become one of our most powerful tools in building and managing online reputation and brand equity, says Zammuto. We have started using it extensively for the Reputation Changer brand, as well.


Reputation Changer was launched in 2009 by a group of direct response marketing experts, united behind a vision for providing companies and individuals with greater control over their online reputations. The agency stays true to that vision to this day, but has expanded significantly in recent years; it now operates multiple offices across the company and employees a vast team of committed ORM professionals, among them SEO technicians, content marketing aces, and social media specialists. Reputation Changer is led by President Michael Zammuto, and is widely praised as the #1 firm of its kind. The agencys client list includes businesses and individuals alike, including internationally recognized businesses, political figures, celebrities, small business start-ups, and private citizens.

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