Reputation Management Authority’s New Complete Restoration Package Helps Businesses Control Their Story

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) December 23, 2012

With billions of web users across the globe surfing the Internet at any given time, messages can go viral as easily as wildfire spreads across a forest. Unfortunately, the quality and credibility of the information that gets passed around are not always verifiable; a single negative review or article can quickly cast a bad light on a company. To address this, Reputation Management Authority, the reputation division of Super Fast Business, recently introduced its Reputation Management Complete Restoration Package to help businesses and individuals dominate the search engine results for their brand name and reclaim their status as an authority in their field.

Search engines serve as the average consumer’s direct channel to a wealth of information and entertainment. Customers, employers, and investors also use this technology on a regular basis to gather information about a company that they are planning to do business with. Unfavorable articles, dissatisfied customer reviews, and other negative media that show up at the top of search engine results pages can easily motivate people to look somewhere elseand this results in substantial business opportunities lost.

“When you have bad search results for your name, you need to act fast,” explains James Schramko, CEO of Super Fast Business. “Time is critical, because like it or not, you’re in a racea race to see who can put their name higher in Google search results.”

The Reputation Management Authority Complete Restoration Package is specifically designed to help rank a client’s sites over the bad reviews to be found across the web. How does it work? Clients will first be asked to supply three domain names containing the keyword they are keen to target. The company will then create three new SEO-optimized WordPress websites on the provided domains. At the same time, an in-house content team produces high quality, original articles revolving around the client’s individual story, which will be published in the new sites. This content will also be rewritten in several versions and distributed to different web 2.0 sites.

The new websites will be promoted using Reputation Management Authority’s specialized content syndication techniques; this ensures that the client’s message will be put in front of all the right places across the web. “With the right keyword in place and an arsenal of high quality content for distribution, companies and individuals with tarnished reputations online can then push down negative publicity by promoting websites that contain only positive news,” adds the CEO.

The new Reputation Management Authority package will effectively combat the negative impacts of false information and malicious or slanderous content released by competitors seeking to gain an advantage through shady practices. The package highlights positive web pages and pushes damaging reviews off the top search engine results. In addition, the newly created websites will be the client’s web properties to keep and maintain for the purpose of improving their performance and rebuilding their authority.

“If your reputation is compromised, you need to act now. Let us help you plant new information seeds that grow tall and strong,” Schramko encourages. “Your small investment in Reputation Management Authority right now may save you considerably more in lost business down the track. It’s time to manage your reputation.”

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