Researchers seek funds to map human brain

Researchers seek funds to map human brain
Creating complete maps of animal brains is also not necessary to fully understand the human brain — neuroscientists, including his BrainGate research team, are already working to understand human neural networks, Donoghue added. Whether the …
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Full wired: Planar cell polarity genes guide gut neurons
… the Journal of Clinial Investigation, Vassilis Pachnis and colleagues at the MRC National Institute for Medical Research in London found that the planar cell polarity (PCP) genes, Celsr3 and Fzd3 are required for the formation of the complex neural …
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Art in every form improves quality of life
Brain research into neuroplasticity, as Dr. Martiquet points out, shows the beneficial effects of art activity in improving neural networks. The good news is that our brains, like gardeners, constantly prune away what isn't used and bud in new …
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