Resident Evil 6 – Leon Campaign Walkthrough (Part 1) – Chapter 1-1

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  1. Either Leon has forgotten his training when it come to the best decision to make, either he is still traumatize and wants to save everybody from the zombi plague. I’d rather the second, because that would be odd for an elite member of the secret service to be that… emotionnal.

  2. First of all, i love your vids and i do look at them all with thumbs up. Especially RE6, your vids rock. You know how to play and have great control. Here is my question, Where did you get all those skill points to buy expensive skills? If i am not wrong, the walk-through is new game +, right? Do you know where or what is the best farming spot for Skill points? Please. let me know where to farm the skill points. Thanks a lot.

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