Restaurants Search for Customers Not Followers on Twitter; Papa Johns Houston Expands Market by 52 percent with Twitter App Social Compass from HipLogiq

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) October 11, 2013

Many restaurant owners use Twitter to gain followers and tweet their daily specials, but that may not be enough. HipLogiqs SocialCompass helps restaurateurs find and engage new customers on Twitter in real-time, right as theyre about to decide where to eat or have a drink.

Imagine the power of knowing exactly what a potential customer is looking for the moment he or she is looking for it, says Adam Root, CTO and co-founder of HipLogiq.

Papa Johns understands that power. With a 52 percent conversion rate, their Houston chain uses SocialCompass to find local, geographically-targeted tweets about love pizza, want breadsticks and ordering pizza, among other key words. When found, the tweets are flagged so the company can respond with a discounted offer or free gift to encourage new business.

A lot of restaurants, be it national chains or local eateries, use direct marketing and ads in clipping magazines, says HipLogiq CEO and Co-founder Bernard Perrine. But at best, restaurants get a 1-2 percent success rate on average for that investment. Papa Johns celebrates a 52 percent success with SocialCompass.

Papa John’s searches Twitter for local people who are about to buy pizza and uses SocialCompass to send an offer and remind them that Papa John’s is a good option, says Director of Communications Bill Robinett. For example, the pizza chain might find a tweet from a mom about to go to the symphony and needs to get her kids and the babysitter fed. Immediately, Papa John’s would send a coupon.

“What’s so appealing about SocialCompass is the opportunity to target a completely different kind of market than we hit with mass advertising or direct mail,” says Robinett. “There is no way to mass market to just the right customer at just the time they are about to order pizza. SocialCompass lets us talk to customers one-on-one instead of one in a million.”

Whats more, restaurants in a destination city have even more reason to listen on Twitter. Statistics tell us that 85 percent of travelers use their smartphones while traveling, and searching for a restaurant is one of the top five uses. Why not listen, engage and entice those travelers with a discount to try you out? asks Root.

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