Return on Investment Marketing

Return on Investment Marketing
Event on 2015-03-13 15:00:00

Businesses spend 0,000’s on advertising and marketing, often without ever really knowing the real cost… and that’s exactly what marketing should not be! Often businesses spend lots of time and money working for a customer base that is a result of what the business has offered in the past.This is not however always exactly what the original target market was supposed to be. Yes there is a difference….

A target market is your intention. A customer is the outcome. Therefore even though you may target broadly to ‘x’ prospect, you may end up with ‘y’ customer. Why?

Well simply because your offer was not exactly what your target market really wanted. Excellent marketing does not leave getting clients to chance. It is a calculated and tested method that gets you the ‘right’ customer, exactly as you intended.

The goal of this training is for you to learn what marketing is really about, and how you can ensure every cent you spend is an investment. You’ll also learn the basics of putting together a great ad to attract your ideal target market!

This every month training is around a topic that is key to the success of any business owner or leader. These training sessions are perfect for leaders, managers, employees, and owners who are looking for a sharing of best practices in the areas of financials, marketing, sales, systems, recruitment, leadership, communication, planning, time management, online marketing, and much more!

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