Revealed: Most popular mobile phones in the UAE

Revealed: Most popular mobile phones in the UAE
Facebook was by far the most popular site with a total of 13.2 billion visits representing 87 per cent of the total visits to all social networking websites during the period 1 April – 30 June 2013. Visits to Twitter came second with 11 per cent of the …
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Bootstrap 3 launches, easing development of responsive websites
It has rocketed in popularity to become the most watched/forked open source project on Github. If you've visited any “modern” looking responsive websites lately, chances are decent that you've been to a site built with Bootstrap. Meanpath actually …
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The 10 Best Websites For Millennial Women 2013
It requires covering a breadth of topics – Millennial women's websites find their niche in their range, from fashion to business tips. In a generation of self-starters, we looked for websites founded and run by young women. Most of all, we searched for …
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