Reynolds Imparts SEO Posts Tips; Shifts from Traditional Styles to New Methodologies

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (PRWEB) February 16, 2013

James Reynolds tackled content writing and brought it to a new level by providing content writers advice on how to improve their posts and make it at par with professionally written SEO content.

Utilizing new technologies and updated methods for effective keyword management, Reynolds focused on important elements in effective content writing. He noted that presentation should be given utmost consideration because this provided more value and recall to a website. The aim is not just to get people on your site, he said, but to read through the content you want them to read.

The seven keys to effective keyword management were presented as follows: providing a good title, creating a video, providing a transcription of the video, adding a picture to a content, converting transcribed text in to a pdf file, adding social media sharing and, lastly, showing related posts.

These really help people to find the stuff on your site that they may be interested in, Reynolds explained. These eventually would be converted to sales and search engines are more likely to place your website at the top.

The alternatives available for website administrators and website owners to adopt would be to have an efficient SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service provider or to apply the seven tips enumerated above to improve online visibility. SEO Sherpa is one provider that could provide efficiency both in keyword placement and in utilizing the seven techniques in improving website rankings.

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About James Reynolds

James Reynolds is the founder of Search Engine Optimisation agency, SEO Sherpa, and Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click management company, Click Jam. He is an expert in helping entrepreneurs drive sales and increase the overall responsiveness and profitability of their online marketing. James has earned great respect in the field and is an experienced internet marketing speaker appearing at events worldwide and often in the media in Dubai, where he resides.



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