Re:YouTube Sandwiches Ⅰ

Re:YouTube Sandwiches Ⅰ

Image by cava_cavien
2weeks ago I went to *TORAYA’s wagashi exposition" with jusan. n, saw their funny "yokan sandwiches" ! which was produced @ *TORAYA N.Y* a long ago.

…became curious about it ,I made this !! filled creamcheese & yokan ^0^ !…
so, have you watched youtube sandwiches…

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8 Responses to Re:YouTube Sandwiches Ⅰ

  1. princess_of_llyr says:

    Oohh, you went to wagashi exposition? You lucky cava chan! *^__^* Oishii so! I’ll have to try this…totemo omoshiroi!! Arigato! <3 :)

  2. évasion says:

    at first i thought it was a thick block of chocolate haha :) it looks yummy !!!

  3. Mik's says:

    woooooooo yummi yummi yummi …

  4. jusan says:

    haha, you made it! and did you like it? looks pretty good, yumyum 😀

  5. Suviko says:

    Never had yokan, but would love to try. :)

  6. eyes1997 says:

    You make the most interesting food, my friend! Are these any good?

  7. vbade says:

    I love 羊羹, but never thought it would be good inside sandwiches. Does the combination work?

  8. lisenocalis says:

    interesting combination, looks very delicious. will have to try this;)

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