RIC Android Robot – 003

Worlds first life size Android humanoid robot unveiled at the Google Developers Conference in Tokyo. The full story: www.robots-dreams.com including build photos and all the background information.

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24 Responses to RIC Android Robot – 003

  1. dirtbikerdann says:

    yea it has been there since you were 9, 11 year old

  2. Alfred sparkle says:

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  3. djthereplay says:

    Whatever. By the way, How come you see a robot alien symbolizing an Android OS that is developed into something in its’ own way, similar to Apple’s iOS ” fat garbage” ? It`s not garbage to me. Android may not be as developed as Apple, but If I were you, I`d look out in the future. Mark my words As the years go on, the day will come when Android will tell Apple’s iOS that their competition just showed up. And Actually, we are seeing the beginnings of that .. now. – Dwight

  4. Baiyiy says:

    It’s a suicide bomber. -oh so cuuuuteeee, come look all at teh cutesez robotto- BAM!

  5. Baiyiy says:

    It’s a suicide bomber.

  6. DCG909 says:

    I would say there is a person in it, it swings to violed to be computer controled (android user)

  7. Simon King says:

    2 dislikes are iphone users

  8. Simon King says:

    2 dislike are iphone users

  9. Dwaldron89 says:

    It has that whole Berzerk “INTRUDER ALERT INTRUDER ALERT” sounding voice….creepy.

  10. MrYMBz says:

    What a freaking fat garbage green Alien sample that looks like shit to make it your shitty logo for your stupid OS google ,, it’s disgusting

  11. DeoxysDNA says:

    Does anyone thinks it looks like a garbage can? 😛

  12. tempusmaster says:

    No. That’s the corporate logo for Brilliant Service, the company that did the software implementation for the bot.

  13. Dosagu says:

    yes we start with Android > Droid > Froyo > motorola R2D2 Droid > RIC Android > MGS4 Geckos > METAL GEAR REX > and finaly ill be able to buy my own R2D2. (i give all this 30 years top) 😛

  14. chabi3000 says:

    its the wrong arm .. it needs to hold the RIGHT arm into the air for that

  15. imrstr says:

    and there was many mans bevor with a arm in the air. Like Julius Caesar, long time ago

  16. TheHeartMachine says:

    Yes, you are right! For a second there I thought I’d go to hell for using an Android phone.

  17. jcer93705 says:

    Gotta love 2.4ghz

  18. tempusmaster says:

    No, it was a one day event put on by Google at the International Forum complex next to Tokyo Station. The robot is at the RT Shop in Akihabara.

  19. jcer93705 says:

    Yes it is its coping but more of a android salute :). Theres no copy right for hitler salute right?

  20. johnchen0213 says:

    this should get more views

  21. kungharry says:

    yeah, but i meant, is this place a robot museum? any idea?

  22. FoVITIS says:

    No, is the wrong arm! (good so!)

  23. alanoasiss says:

    Hahahahahhah Good Joke! Hail Hitler=100111010110110.

  24. tempusmaster says:

    It was just introduced at the Google Developers Day 2010 in Tokyo.

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