Rich Bruns Offers New Low-Cost Tools for AdWords Advertising

Beaverton, Oregon (PRWEB) September 24, 2012

Small Business owners who find it difficult to run profitable ads with the AdWordsTM* advertising program get a practical solution in this 9-minute YouTubeTM* video posted at

The tutorial lays out the following scenario. A Small Business owner runs his/her campaign. Confusing choices designed for Big Business rapidly deplete his limited budget. The frustrated owner lets an ad sales rep run ads. The ad sales rep doesn’t understand the business and runs boilerplate ads with thousands of keywords loosely related to the business. The Small Business owner ends up with a mess that he can’t understand or afford.

Next, the tutorial outlines a solution. The AdWords program has simple features that allow the Small Business owner to run very focused ads. Success is possible, because the entrepreneur knows why customers buy his/her product, the words people use to find his product and deals that make money. The Small Business Recipe shows an entrepreneur how to play the game.

The Recipe Tutorial builds a campaign step by step, starting with selecting Small Business campaign settings. The video explains how to run ads that contain the same words that people put into their GoogleTM* search. Each step details why precise targeting lowers costs and attracts more customers.

Finally, the tutorial shows how to improve profits after ads run. Again, precise targeting pays off with simple, yet scientific, reports. It’s easy to run A-B ad comparison tests to improve ad sales pitches. A second report shows how to adjust bids quickly to maximize profits.

In summary, this tutorial shows entrepreneurs how to apply their unique customer knowledge to make AdWords advertising work for them. The Small Business Recipe sells for $ 60 USD, payable with credit cards in these currencies: USD, CAD, BP, NZD and AUD. Small Business entrepreneurs worldwide can schedule Individual One-Hour Coaching Sessions with Rich Bruns for $ 75 USD.

Rich Bruns, a Google AdWords Qualified Individual, publishes The Small Business Recipe for the AdWordsTM* Advertising Program and offers Individual Coaching Sessions to entrepreneurs in USA, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia.

*AdWords, YouTube, and Google are trademarks of Google, Inc.

Rich Bruns is an independent author, not affiliated with Google, Inc.

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