Richard Wurtman, MD, Joins Healthy Directions’ Family of Natural Health Experts

Potomac, MD (PRWEB) February 19, 2013

Healthy Directions, LLC, today announced that it has entered into a collaborative relationship with Richard Wurtman, MD, to provide expert guidance and a cutting-edge nutritional supplement targeted to consumers ages 50+ who are seeking to improve their health with safe, effective sleep solutions.

Dr. Wurtman joins Healthy Directions team of natural health experts who are leaders in the field of alternative and integrative medicine and whose recommendations and nutritional products are based on years of study, research, and clinical practice.

We are honored to have Dr. Wurtman join the Healthy Directions family, says Healthy Directions CEO Connie Hallquist. His decades of scientific research and expertise in the areas of cognitive function and sleepand more specifically, melatoninwill help millions of older adults get the rest they need, every night, with a safe, non-habit-forming, completely natural sleep-aid.

After receiving his MD from Harvard Medical School, Dr. Wurtman served as an Intern and Assistant Resident at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). He then went on to work as a Medical Research Officer in the Laboratory of Clinical Science at the National Institutes of Mental Health. Dr. Wurtman has also held several positions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), most notably as the Cecil H. Green Distinguished Professor and as Director of the Clinical Research Center. Over the past 40 years, he has also spent a significant amount of time serving as a Clinical Associate in Medicine at MGH. Dr. Wurtman has authored or coauthored 1,050 peer-reviewed research articles, and served as author or editor of 18 books. His laboratory at MIT discovered that many people over 50 are awake for long periods during the night because their blood melatonin levels are deficient.

I am especially glad to be working with Healthy Directions because it is, to my knowledge, the first company to develop a melatonin-based sleep product that incorporates two key findings from my years of research and experience. First, in order for a dose of melatonin to be fully effective in helping people 50 and older stay asleep at night, it must not be so large that it swamps melatonin receptors in the brain. Second, the product must ensure that adequate blood melatonin levels are maintained for six to seven hours during the night.

Dr. Wurtmans new sleep solution for adults 50+, along with his related expert guidance and educational content, is scheduled to debut in March.

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