Richard Zahn on SEO Tips for Business Owners

New York, New York (PRWEB) May 30, 2013

Richard Zahn is a business professional who has directly contributed to the success of several prestigious organizations. Zahn is speaking out on a new article from The Globe and Mail that details some key search engine optimization strategies that business owners should employ to boost their companys visibility.

A business professional should focus on optimizing the social media updates that come from his or her company. To do this, the content should always contain relevant keywords that pertain to that industry. These keywords should be present in tweets, Facebook fan page updates, pins on Pinterest, and blog posts. When the company creates a new blog post, it is important that this information is shared on other platforms, as this helps to provide the post with an SEO boost. The business name should also be used in any social media posts, since this enables search engines like Google to associate the business with the keywords that are included in the updates.

SEO relies on link building, which means that the company website needs to use links to build strong connections with other sites. When a business has links going to and coming from reliable web pages, Google understands that the site is more authoritative. This helps with SEO. To achieve this, business owners should link to relevant articles from trade publications and other news sources, and should also welcome links back to their own work. Creating content that other organizations will feel compelled to share makes this easier.

Though it is a relatively new platform, Pinterest can prove useful for business owners who are focused on SEO. An individual can customize the link that relates to a pin, thus driving readers back to that brands blog or website. The site is not just for home d

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