Richmond, Virginia Brain and Serious Injury Lawyer Kevin Mottley Launches New Educational Website

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA (PRWEB) November 07, 2013

Serious injuries after an accident can change a person forever. Brain injuries in particular can be life-altering and they leave a devastating impact on injury victims, their families, and their futures.

For Richmond, VA personal injury attorney Kevin Mottley, helping people find the support and care they need is critical. He understands the profound impact a serious brain injury can have on a persons life, which is why he has redesigned his website to provide the answers and information people need after a traumatic accident. This week, the Mottley Law Firm announces the launch of a newly designed website that delivers accident victims the resources and help they need.

Filled with in-depth information, the Mottley Law Firm website was written as a resource for brain injury victims in Virginia. Instead of filling the site with legal jargon and technical terms, Kevin Mottley focused on providing informative material in a straightforward, easy-to-understand format. On the website, visitors can access a library of articles, blog posts, links to online resources, legal news, a list of case results, client testimonials, and an FAQ section.

More specifically, visitors gain access to helpful information that can answer commonly asked questions and concerns. Some of the answered questions and detailed guidance visitors can find includes details about the signs and symptoms of a traumatic brain injury in Virginia, help knowing how to work with an insurance company and still getting the maximum amount of compensation available, and why hiring a brain injury attorney is so crucial to the outcome of a case.

With years of experience working in a variety of types of law, Kevin Mottley has built a strong reputation as a go-to resource for legal guidance in the Richmond and Henrico County community. In addition to helping accident victims after a serious injury, Kevin Mottley also represents a number of families by helping with estate planning and wills trusts. He has also spent a good part of his legal career working with companies on business litigation matters. With his immense amount of experience, Kevin Mottley is able to understand and empathize with people who need his legal knowledge. He knows the importance of having a skilled lawyer on a case. He is able to take his understanding and empathy and apply it to help people get the best possible outcome in their cases. His passion for working with people from all walks of life helps him effectively represent people across the state of Virginia.

The new Mottley Law Firm website will deliver plenty of information and guidance. The Richmond law firms intent is to provide help and education to victims after an accident, fiduciary dispute, or in a business litigation matter. The website will be regularly updated with the latest information for victims, and was designed by attorney marketing firm, Foster Web Marketing.

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