RIDE ALONG Official HD Trailer #2

Kevin Hart introduces the trailer for the cop comedy that partners him with Ice Cube.

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14 Responses to RIDE ALONG Official HD Trailer #2

  1. Heinz Seijas says:

    I like the scene with the Charger where he says is still drivable cause it happened in the back and then it explodes. This is going to be pretty funny.

  2. Jaime Andres Salame Borja says:

    Ride Along – Trailer 2 #ridealong #movietrailers 

  3. Wynner3 says:

    So this is what Kevin Hart keeps telling me about at the end of my GPS route. I would rather have Ice Cube swearing at me on my GPS than listen to Kevin Hart, but oh well.

  4. Christopher Zweig says:

    What is the song at 1:16 called?

  5. redjokerjd says:

    2:20 WTF is up with Kevin Hart?? Is he CGI’ed in????

  6. johancakep says:

    either you die a rapper or you’ll end up making a action-comedy movie.

  7. Chilli0912 says:

    Sorry, but to me it looks awful!

  8. D. Foxx says:

    Lmfao “my stomach in my ass”

  9. ginger4201 says:

    pg13 seriously?!

  10. Paria says:

    what’s wrong with his hair ?? Looks like an animation or something xD Kevin 3d

  11. Nicholas Wolfe says:

    This going to be fucking awesome

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