Riley on Marketing

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  1. kurtywurty85 says:

    …what? Because she believes that boys should be able to play with dolls, that makes her a lesbian? my mom would agree with her and she’s married to my father, a man, and has three children.

  2. kurtywurty85 says:

    me. everyday. 

  3. AAmelisAA says:

    smart kid

  4. 14clorinda says:


  5. Lucky88Duck says:

    Ignorant moron: already made.

  6. Lucky88Duck says:

    Yes, some people in this world will be lesbians. But surely good madam/sir you would not be foolish enough to believe that a child’s preference in toys would have an influence on the sexual orientation they were born with. That would just be idiotic, haha!

  7. pbjellybeanful says:

    nice spelling.

  8. pbjellybeanful says:

    she’s brilliant.

  9. atehkmb says:

    Riley & Honey Boo Boo: My Queens! <3

  10. 88PurpleDude88 says:

    i love this child 

  11. Lei Dodman says:

    lol tumblr

  12. ninjabunniez says:

    captions, lol

  13. WillRennar says:

    Someone get this on the news channels. “Which ones?” ALL OF THEM.

  14. Rekkitanko says:

    What Riley and apparently most here don’t understand is that gender marketing is nothing more than implementing physiological, biological and evolutionary differences into a well-thought business plan. Without any form of socially imposed gender roles most boys would still choose what you could vaguely describe as manly activities, as this is engrained into our species. Then only could one’s environemental impact into decision making be considered.

  15. me700gnomes says:

    This would have made me cry manly bitch tears of pride and joy if my daughter came to this epiphany at that age.

  16. Dogzforever1 says:

    What about a pink superhero? Or non pink dolls or princesses?

  17. Gerald Hill says:

    You will see this young lady again. She is going to be a force that can’t be ignored.

  18. vorian says:

    I bow to you my little queen.

  19. kpeter5801 says:

    Hooray for Riley’s dad!

  20. Mimiroberts00 says:

    Perfect child

  21. AlbertaRose94 says:

    I thought of this video when a girl said “I don’t want a plastic animal in my Happy Meal, I want a Young Justice League skateboard”.

  22. Zoe Bueche says:

    Awesome :)

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