RiSE: The Amazing Climbing Robot – Sexy Robots Videos

RiSE: The Amazing Climbing Robot - Sexy Robots Videos

GO TO www.sexy-robots-videos.com and http for more life-like robots information, videos and photos. – RiSE is a small six-legged robot that climbs vertical terrain such as walls, trees and fences. RiSE’s feet have claws, micro-claws or sticky material, depending on the climbing surface. RiSE changes posture to conform to the curvature of the climbing surface and a fixed tail helps RiSE balance on steep ascents. RiSE is about 0.25 m long, weighs 2 kg, and travels 0.3 m/s. Each of RiSE’s six legs is powered by two electric motors. An onboard computer controls leg motion, manages communications, and services a variety of sensors. The sensors include an inertial measurement unit, joint position sensors for each leg, leg strain sensors and foot contact sensors. Future versions of RiSE will use dry adhesion to climb sheer vertical surfaces such as glass and metal. RiSE is being developed in conjunction with researchers at University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon, Berkeley, Stanford, and Lewis and Clark University. RiSE is funded by the DARPA Defense Sciences Office.

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  1. codeman204 says:


  2. KH93bKOo says:

    итц риали секси.. ябвдул! xD

  3. Rayvyn007 says:

    Reminds me of an opossum.

  4. adelle0001 says:

    nice one!

  5. adfgfds says:

    It looks like a Demodex Mite

  6. Liliana Arenas says:


  7. Crunkboy415 says:

    It’s a goddam Xanti Misfit!

  8. J Bowers says:

    I have an opinion. I’m typing in a comment box. Food turns to poo.

  9. frenchfrys12 says:

    Howbout we kill all you whiny little dumbasses so only smart and mature people exist. Then we will have no poverty.

  10. Lorenzo Tado says:

    and you are spending your precious time on Youtube

  11. PS3dude95 says:

    It reminds of the platypus from phineas and ferb or whatever its called

  12. itsthelolocaust says:

    ha, those eel things.

  13. harrylee2311 says:

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  14. Ruyuzakii says:

    Holyshit! i want that robot!!!!

  15. Misha Wagner says:

    lol i had one of those and now my tv is bigger

  16. walter0bz says:

    the smaller version crawls inside the ear and wraps itself around the cerebral cortex, rendering the victim extremely susceptible to suggestion

  17. Tirlp says:

    Wow cool techs their makking from time to time maybe everyone will be using robots to do everything rather than doing it themselves

  18. tHaH4x0r says:

    just one word, WOW

  19. orangeapples says:

    that robot is so sexy

  20. kieron858 says:

    they use stuff like that to clean the windows of large buildings in paris and the glass pyramid at the louvre they look awesome lol dunno if they do it anywhere else

  21. bobje999 says:

    that is awesome

  22. esxp says:

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  23. tjllanrug says:

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