Rob Sigg Launches New Google Plus Profile

(PRWEB) December 29, 2013

Rob Sigg, President of Performance One Media, is pleased to announce his new Google plus profile, Recently, Rob Sigg, President of Performance One Media, was interviewed on media outlets such as, where Rob Sigg was interviewed regarding search engine marketing.

As a proponent of search engine marketing, Rob Sigg is pleased to unveil this new Google plus profile, as a means of communicating with business owners. With a portfolio ranging from Fortune 500 clients to small business owners, Rob Sigg, President of Performance One Media, has years of experience.

With years of experience in performance based marketing and advertising, Rob Sigg is a leader in performance based marketing. With his experience working with dozens of brands, he has experience ranging from small businesses, to start ups and Fortune/Inc 500 brands.

Rob Sigg has over 23 years of advertising, marketing and television media experience. Currently the President of Performance One Media, he leads his team of media experts to consistently find new and innovative methods of driving new business while maintaining unprecedented standards to bolster responses for existing clients.

Before launching P-One, Rob Sigg spent over eight years with Turner Media Group, which he helped launch from its inception. As President of TMG, Robs natural execution-oriented style made for huge growth when he took them from a 3-man media agency to a 100+ employee power-broker within the media landscape. He pioneered, and was instrumental in, the development of TMG as the exclusive rep-firm for all media sales through Dish Networks. At its height, after bringing them to a revenue growth of 250MM, Rob made his exit in 2004.

In the years prior to TMG, Rob Sigg utilized his true entrepreneurial spirit and his insight to recognize how all-the-pieces-fit-together to own and operate a number of businesses in the real estate, construction, spa and salon disciplines.

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