Robbins Gioia Announces JCAT2020 Addition to Jaguar Suite of Project Management Tools

Alexandria, VA (PRWEB) April 21, 2015

Robbins Gioia (RG) is pleased to announce the addition of JCAT2020 to its suite of Jaguar project management tools. JCAT2020 is the newest version of RGs Control Analysis Tool (CAT II) that has been supporting private and public organizations for over 30 years.

JCAT2020 builds on the legacy of the RG Jaguar suite of tools, which is the most robust and fastest processing scheduling tool suite on the market. JCAT2020 is RGs mid-tier productive business solution that efficiently uses the critical path scheduling methodology to facilitate project planning, tracking, scheduling, execution, and performance measurement activities to include resource loading and leveling. JCAT2020 is adaptive and flexible enough to be used for purposes other than scheduling such as: delivery and purchase order management, inventory management, issue tracking, configuration management, and financial management.

RG has built its reputation on helping private and public organizations successfully achieve their most challenging and critical programs for more than 30 years. For organizations looking to integrate with existing software technologies, JCAT2020s processing algorithm extensibility provides core functionality including database, scheduler, 4GL interpreter, graphics and interfaces with Oracle 7 through 10g databases, permitting precise execution of projects as small as developing a one-off app to planning and executing an aircraft carrier overhaul.

With this latest release, RG further integrates greater processing capabilities while reducing the total cost of ownership. JCAT2020 builds on RGs results-based successes by reducing the cost by 60 percent and increasing processing speed over 30 percent when compared to the CAT II platform. JCAT2020 accomplishes these improvements by migrating platforms from UNIX/Solaris to the more efficient and cost effective LINUX/WINTEL platform. The Intel Xeon cores outperform the fastest SPARC cores by approximately 4:1meaning 75 percent fewer processor cores are able to achieve the same performance.

With a supported Enterprise Oracle Database License typically costing $ 25,000 per core per year for SPARC, the reduction in core count means reduced license costs and reduced software support costs. Replacing a 32-core SPARC server with an 8-core Intel server can reduce a clients expenditures with Oracle by $ 600,000 per year. JCAT2020 has been carefully engineered to enable rapid and low risk migration of existing CAT II applications – assuring that current CAT II users can realize immediate cost savings.

With UNIX market share forecasted to decline from 16 percent in 2012 to nine percent in 2017, providing our CAT and CATII customers a transitional path to an x86 platform and LINUX is a critical requirement for them and their solutions, says Christopher Heath, RGs Chief Technology Officer (CTO). With the release of JCAT2020, Robbins Gioia reaffirms its commitment to not only its customers, but to the market in leading performance, flexibility, and extensibility of the Jaguar family of products. JCAT2020 provides a clear, effective transition path while mitigating risk, and empowering organizations to reduce costs while continuing to deliver programs on time and on budget while achieving mission goals.

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