Robin Labs Announces a Full-stack Voice UI Platform as an Independent Alternative to Google’s Speech Interfaces in Android Auto, Android Wear and Android TV

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) July 01, 2014

Robin Labs – creator of the eponymous personal assistant application and platform – disrupts the hegemony of corporate behemoths dominating the intelligent voice interfaces B2B market, i.e., Google, Nuance and Microsoft. For the first time, the company is offering an end-to-end white-label solution that combines both Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and sophisticated Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Until now, Robin Labs (like most of its competitors) had to rely on the three major ASR providers for any voice UI services involving speech recognition. However, this reliance is often a cause for concern to business customers, in particular with Google’s expansion into new markets like connected car, smart TV and smart home. In addition, while Google’s ASR service is free to Android app developers, OEMs and carriers looking to create their own versions of Android or use the service with other mobile platforms find themselves locked into much harsher terms, including strict limitations and/or high fees. And Nuance is often seen a challenging partner as well, especially now that it’s rumored to be in acquisition talks with Samsung, as reported by Wall Street Journal.

As a result, Robins end-to-end platform opens doors to partners who’d rather not be thrown into a ring with an 800-pound gorilla.

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