ROBO-ONE 21: Brave Robot Transformer

ROBO-ONE 21: Brave Robot Transformer

Kenji Ishida’s Brave Robot transformer got a very strong and positive reaction from the crowd of robot fans during ROBO-ONE 21 competition in Tokyo last weekend. This is the 9th generation of Ishida’s fully functional humanoid robot that transforms into a car.

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9 Responses to ROBO-ONE 21: Brave Robot Transformer

  1. santotor45 says:

    Good job Skynet !

  2. hammouminator says:

    Next step , making Voltron ?! woaaaaaah you guys are awesome

  3. RRVCrinale says:

    I’m waiting for somebody to make a ROBO-ONE eligible Optimus this way.

  4. ShinnVal says:

    You see this is how skynet starts.

  5. teocharger says:

    2020 Takara Transformers Line 😀 MPX-01

  6. OBOGAN says:

    Very nice XD

  7. tempusmaster says:

    Yes. Balhan’s work is impressive also. Ishida’s robot is more custom though. All of the body parts and mechanisms are his own design and 3D printed on his RepRap printer.

  8. solo encordoba says:


  9. tomchang79 says:

    Hi tempusmaster, that robot is impressive but have you seen balhan’s transforming bioloid?

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