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20 Responses to ROBOPLOW

  1. HonestOntario says:

    How much did the parts cost? What are the most expensive parts? How long did it take you to build?

  2. smitty smit says:

    that is AWESOME! I WANT ONE!

  3. ideaLABORATORIES says:

    1000 pounds

  4. TaftBrigmon420 says:

    I’m not going to lie that’s pretty damn awesome. Great job. Curious question, about how much does it weigh?

  5. DeathTheKid4428 says:

    you realize you could make millions selling these……right?

  6. Charles McCune says:

    wow now thats cool I want one lol . I will have to build one of those.  cant I see it again O yea I just hit replay

  7. andy22798 says:

    ok now how much is it idc what the price i want one

  8. andy22798 says:

    ok now how much is it idk what the price i want one 

  9. ideaLABORATORIES says:

    About as far as you can see

  10. trackstar1331 says:

    how far does it go

  11. ideaLABORATORIES says:

    About 1 hour

  12. ideaLABORATORIES says:

    1 hour

  13. ideaLABORATORIES says:

    6 NPC - T74

  14. Superbubbadude Fritz says:

    I’d want to ride on top of this. LOL.

  15. rbitzman2002 says:

    Very cool, canadian plow business owner. think u might make one with articulate steering what would it retail for.

  16. ZINCLawnCare says:

    I want plans!!!!!!! Or build me one!

  17. Polypropellor says:

    Awesome and marketable!

  18. 19windsurfer97 says:

    why dont you attach a grit box on the back?

  19. amirnasher says:

    Is that device radio controlled or totally autonomous?

  20. bigbobgotu says:

    how long will the battery last?

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