Robot and Frank [Full Movie] Euro truck simulator series :) check out my blog and check the rest of the description…

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  1. TheThroney says:

    Thank you for sharing. really liked this film

  2. tokanite says:

    So heartbreaking. Pulling the robot into an embrace… as he wipes its memory clean. Sooo sad. Almost as sad as the ending…

  3. alxk1237 says:

    this was so good. thanks for uploading this, I’ve wanted to see since I saw the trailer.

  4. Shawk132 says:

    The song is called “Fell On Your Head” – Francis and The Lights.

  5. DocterKnokerz says:

    I have no idea either

  6. DocterKnokerz says:

    i agree 

  7. DocterKnokerz says:

    Your welcome

  8. DocterKnokerz says:

    Thanks, my family members think i have a good way of knowing good movies.

  9. SuangyLaLaLimLim says:

    1:15:00 the music is so so cute… is it a xylophone? lol but who knows the song?? helps pleaseee

  10. fiona cahill says:

    I knew this would be s good film but its better than I expected even. .its truly delightful how their friendship subscribing to you ,if this is your taste in movies I look forward to more great entertainment. Thankyou again for this upload. .made my day!

  11. fiona cahill says:

    Wow. I cannot believe iv found this film on utube! ! Iv wanted to see this since I saw it advertised. .thankyou so much..xx.

  12. Archimonde259 says:

    Around 1:15:00… All the feels…

  13. DocterKnokerz says:


  14. pcrvg0808 says:

    Good for you. : )

  15. DocterKnokerz says:

    Actually i did a confirmation with my phone. It lets me upload up to 10 hours now.

  16. DocterKnokerz says:

    Be very cautious of what you post. It must be an INDEPENDENT movie. that means not made by any big companies.I wouldnt upload it on your case.

  17. pcrvg0808 says:

    I would say, start by uploading short vids, get more subscribers, and then You tube eventually will allow you to upload more extended stuff. Little steps my friend. You gotta learn to walk before you run.

  18. john billy says:

    how do you post the movie on youtube i want to post

  19. DocterKnokerz says:

    HEY mase 

  20. Mason Armstrong says:


  21. DocterKnokerz says:

    Everything about this movie made me post it and watch it 5 times and make all of my family watch it

  22. DocterKnokerz says:

    This poor teen Welcomes you.

  23. DocterKnokerz says:

    I love independent movies they cant be taken down :)

  24. DocterKnokerz says:

    Well of course i didn’t make it. i would’ve been genius. But I found it :) check out my other vids guys

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